from Crucial Blast:

Irukandji is yet another project/alter-ego of the increasingly prolific Michael Page, the New England electronic noise demon whose Fire In The Head and Sky Burial projects have both already received alot of play around here. Nowhere as blissed out and droney as the Skullflower/Sunroof-esque distorto drone rock of his Sky Burial stuff, nor as fried and electrified as the anarcho power electronics of Fire In The Head, Irukandji is a totally violent entity spewing heavily layered electrical junknoise deathtronix, and Prey For Me is the projects first vinyl release, issued as part of RRRon's new 1-sided LP series. Packaged in a black jacket that is screenprinted with an image of a horrific Lovecraftian jellyfish beast, Prey For Me I-V is five tracks of crushing squealing synthesizer overdrive, mangled microphone scrape, and damaged grinding machine noise, sometimes reaching wall-noise levels of density a la Knurl or The Rita, and elsewhere skulking through subdued buzzsaw feedback and grisly death screams buried in the churning chaos. This stuff is alot more rhythmic than similiar-minded blastnoise artists, and there's a couple points on the record where Page creates these awesome lurching grooves of pulsating diseased distortion that f*cking rule. A heavy feast of city-nuking electronic armageddon. Released in a limited edition of 241 copies; the record repeats the same 5 tracks on the b-side