>From Bull Tongue (Byron Coley & Thurston Moore):
Irukandji's Prey for Me i-v LP (RRR) is one of the better sounding noise peckers of recent vintage. From Cape Cod, Michael Page (also of Fire in the Head) manages to create an aura of screaming agony without tearing your head off in the process. The one-sided album (which actually has two sides, but both are the same) approaches the harshness of power electronics in some ways, but always manages to pull back and mess around with a bunch of swiggling croak generators just about the moment your attention is getting ready to flag. While not exactly make-out music, there's a weird depth to this piece, making me think of having sex on hot cinders in the ruins of a freshly torched Wal-Mart. Or something like that. The companion cassette, Pulp Electronics i-xi (Anxiety Attack), is a little more relentless, but still eminently beat-offable, with lots of pseudo-music wedged into the cracks between the rasps.