From Blood Ties:

Here is a charming little 3 incher from Michael Page's power electronics/industrial project Fire in The Head. At around 15 minutes it's short and to the point. Four tracks, all dark and brutal in a loud drone and experimental power kind of way. There's a little more reverb here then I'm used to in most F/I/T/H recordings but it doesn't take away from the impact of the tracks at all.

"Fallen Prey" is the most spacious with swirling white-noise synth atmospheres putting the listener in the middle of a wind tunnel, but to your dismay you realize that you are slowly being pulled into a huge turbine that will certainly be your demise. The electronics here are unique because of their gestural qualities it almost gives the feel of tortured whispering.

"In His Garden" uses a classic distorted synth drone at the core which works fine for me. The swirling noise is continued in this track and there are what sounds like subtle screaming vocals and mid-ranged industrial hits. The tracks on You Too Shall Burn are generally pretty constant, each clocking in on average at about 4 minutes. There are always new elements though that F/I/T/H presents that keeps things interesting, for instance the vocals that come to the forefront about half way through In His Garden which strategically result in lowering the noise and letting some of the other details come through.

Starting out a bit quieter but pummeling me about ¼ of the way through is "Stolen Thoughts" a much more aggressive industrial track then what previously appears, but it comes at the perfect time. Scathing vocal attacks layered over a huge wall of noise, doesn't last long but reminds us who we're dealing with and adds a just the right amount of variety.

For the last track F/I/T/H takes us deep into the rain forest back to a better time where experimental socialist communities were being tested by idealist individuals such as the star of "Hurry My Children" the late great Reverend Jim Jones himself. A classic monologue is the center of the piece before he so graciously fled the world with hundreds of his closest followers. By the end, we're left with his words hanging on us, a reminder that even the strongest and brightest of times can easily turn to dark and despair.

Harsh industrial synth drone and power electronics of a high quality is what you will find here, if that is what you seek I commend you and wish you the best of luck on what could be a perilous journey.



This time on target - mini album of USA power electronics creator Michael Page, which was released by Italian label Nil By Mouth. There are 4 songs in it and the album lasts for almost 15 minutes. All in all, regardless of short duration, this is one good and high quality album. For sure, it is such for those to whom the sound of Fire In The Head is acceptable overall. The first in this album - Fallen Prey (Fall And Pray) - cold one and not very cosy song. Through the whole piece various constantly changing noisy squeaking and whizzing sounds are being heard, layered on pulsating dronish note. Sometimes these sounds remind of harsh windy evening, sometimes they become similar to distorted inhuman screams while the sound calms until the next song - In His Garden. In this song dronish movement sounds a little louder (it seems so at the very least) and takes another position in the structure of the song comparing with the first one. In His Garden the vocal hidden under rich effects is heard, but multi layered waves of noise deceives me every time I listen to it and I don't know where the voice transforms into pure noise and if these sounding "chop chop" is really vocal or just delayed strikes or just imagination. Stolen Thoughts starts calmly and one can think that it is one more drone/noise part of the album, but after approximately a minute of prelude the rusty barbed wire fence of noise is built above which the vocal of Michael Page is clearly heard. After the most aggressive song purely industrial, dark and creepy song "Hurry my Children" takes place. In this song the samples from "Death Tape" (the last recording of Peoples Temple before massive suicide) are used - the voice of Jim Jones where he encourages his followers to hurry and finish the existence. With this song the short, but having much to say album ends. Michael Page succeeded in creating dark and gloomy atmosphere with his creations again. What is left is just to bow the head under own thoughts. While in ears "Hurry my children, hurry..." still echoes.


From Vital Weekly:

Fire In The Head is of course Michael Page's pet project when it comes to noise (Sky Burial when it comes to ambient). No help from former punk rockers here on these four short tracks. It's always hard to tell the difference when it becomes to liking noise, but Fire In The Head is a project I like. Also furious in approach, here with vocals and electronics, Page builts an intense sonic work that gets better and better, even doing a ballad like piece in 'Hurry My Children'. Best work so far.


From Heathen Harvest:

650 words. That’s all I’ve got to write this review. Which may seem a lot but they’ll soon all be used up. 650 words will fucking fly off the old computer keyboard. Easily achieved. The knack is to use them wisely. Cut the crap down to the minimum. Preferably by not using too many in your introduction. Which is what I intend on doing. Keep things simple. State the facts and only the facts and don’t go meandering into areas no-one is interested in. Don’t even try and be funny. No crap gags that our foreign readers won’t understand. Shit…550 words left. Where the fuck did they all go?

‘You Too Shall Burn’ is the latest offering from our man about town, the Allatoyah of Industrial rock and rolla…stolen unashamedly from Mad Max 2 I have to admit, Michael Page. Ah yes…another fun filled recording to warm the cockles of the heart. Or destroy said bivalve mollusc depending on your mood when listening to it. The four tracks on this latest F/I/T/H recording, released by the ‘just keeps getting fucking better’ Nil By Mouth record label, is another grand soiree of abasement that Michael has defined and refined over the years. The tiny 3 inch recording proving once and for all the maxim that size doesn’t matter or count. There’s more raw power and intelligent aggression on this recording spread over its 14+ minutes than other likeminded releases from less talented shits spread thinly over 50+ minutes. Lean and mean. The way I like it. The way I treat my women. Gagging for more and coming back just as quick. The short sharp shock tactics a suitable foil and outlet for this release. ‘Cum on feel the noize’ sang Slade, a right bunch of dirt bag long haired cunts in the 70’s, and you would think they were referring to this latest recording. Fuck yeah! Where to start. I know. We’ll cover each track individually. Fucking ‘A’. So:

01 ‘Fallen Prey (Fall and Pray)’ kicks off proceedings with a lovely folk tune inspired by the rites of spring. Does it fuck!! It’s a veritable wall of mangled screaming electronics that sounds like someone detonated a hydrogen bomb in your fucking ears. The fallout a bleak nuclear winter for the brain as your head resonates to its aftermath. No-one gets out of here alive fuckers.

02 ‘In His Garden’ brings things down a bit sounding like a foetus being forcibly ripped and torn from a womb. The blistering cacophony of rumbling noise capable of stripping skin off of flesh from ten paces. Bung in some hard to decipher vocals buried deeper than a CIA cover up and this mass murderer inspired ditty hits the sick spot every time.

03 ‘Stolen Thoughts’ starts by revving slowly into gear and then twisting the throttle to the max to throw the listener into a wheelie marked Armageddon time. Speeding without any due care and attention it blisters along the noise motorway accompanied by a maniacal vocal delivery that veers it towards insanity avenue.

04 ‘Hurry My Children’ completes the quartet and features a great sample, from who knows where, that compliments the face in glass feeling that the cacophonic music throws around.

60 words left. This is another outstanding, there are no other words one can use, release from F/I/T/H. Everything about it reeks of class. From the great artwork featuring a burning corpse on the inside, a burning flag on the front and hooded terrorists on the rear, to the exemplarily, as always, music which has taken the whole Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise into a different stratosphere. A triple ‘A’ release from a triple ‘A’ artist who just keeps getting better and better with each subsequent release. If you’re any sort of music fan then this needs to be a priority purchase.

Done it. Bang on the nail. 650 words.



F/I/T/H is the PE project of Michael Page, also known for his project Irukandji and his ambient nom de plume Sky Burial. “You Too Shall Burn” is his first release for the excellent Italian Nil By Mouth label.

This 3” mini CD contains four harsh excursions into menacing scary-as-shit PE in the vein of Navicon Torture Technologies. Feedback screech and metallic wails begin the disc on Fallen Prey (Fall And Prey). In His Garden couples ominous ambient tones interwoven with manic hiss/buzz. Stolen Thoughts shifts the dial to a noisier level coupling mega-fucked vocals with white hot static, but the real gem of the disc for me is the close, Hurry My Children. Cyclic waves of feedback and brain-frying hiss are coupled with a slightly fuzzed sample of the Rev. Jim Jones infamous ‘death tape’. This track alone is worth the price of the disc and is guaranteed to bring the neck hairs to attention.