FIRE IN THE HEAD - Ignite/Submit

Do you remember the guy who had many tattoos and a very sharp look who came with Slogun two years ago? F/I/T/H/ is his harsh noise unit. He performed a mix of screaming voice & harsh noise similar to Control before but this new recording has a more solid, fucking harsh sound than his last album. It's like Yakuruto baseball pitcher Ito's slider ball, ha ha ha! It has cold & dark sounds, deep drone parts like Scotland's fields. He is the new age of super harsh noise along with Guilty Connector. Kelly Churko (Hospital) mastered it contributing to this great album.


FIRE IN THE HEAD - Ignite/Submit
Review from Absolute Zero Media:

Harsh manipulated Noise and Feedback from a newcomer to my ears though he seems to be from my old stomping grounds of New England by way of Mass. Its power electronics in the same way Slogun, Sickness or NTT do it, the brutal unrelenting way. In my view, the only way this style can be done correctly. The mastering and tracks are put together with a very high level of skill. As I said in the beginning of this review I don't know who Michael Page is but with Fire in the Head he's making me want to listen to
the other 2 releases he sent me for review and you will see them in future spots of this zine. Looks like he's also hooked up with RRR for a release so he's a label mate to me now so that review will have to be done sooner then later.