This LP is a double A side co-release from Michael Pages' (Fire In The Head) Audio Immolation Industries label and Cipher Productions.

Fire In The Head is a long time fav of mine and this split doesn't disappoint. "The Coming Silence" begins with noisy PE, a healthy dose of old school industrial rhythms and distorted vocals. The track takes on an ambient structure around three minutes in. There's some excellent use of movie samples and more warped verbage. The third act takes a decidedly more sinister turn with scratchy record sounds, movie samples and a Muslim prayer. The overall effect is haunting and eerie. One of my personal favorite FITH tracks so far.

This is my first exposure to Hum Of The Druid who kicks off his with "A Swirling Carnival For Every Species". Nice underneath layering of synth tones surrounded by some harsh walls and low-key feedback squeals. A little junk noise gets added to the mix as the walls fade in and out. The ever presence of the synth work gives the fifteen minute a track an ambient feel, but the junk work and walls keep it from ever getting boring. Some very subtle Camp Crystal Lake vocal manipulations come in towards the end adding to the overall creepiness. I dug it. I'll definitely seek out more from HOTD.

The gold star on the LP is the artwork, a killer piece by Eric Stonefelt of Hum of the Druid on his own side and Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni on the FITH side. This one is worth skipping a few lunches for.


From Blood Ties:

Here is the latest from these two industrial noise artists who somehow seem like an unlikely duo to me. This is presented as a double sided split, meaning it has 2 covers, each side is treated as a "side A."

F/I/T/H kicks things off with "The Coming Silence" a sample heavy power electronics and synth manipulation piece using many different samples from famous Hollywood films. Immediately recognizable among them are samples from Seven, and Apocalypse Now as well as a few of which I am unsure about the source. I do feel like these take away from the work a bit because they just make me think of the films when I hear them, not so much the themes they are trying to match in the music. This is however, one of the most effective F/I/T/H tracks I've heard although it moves so quickly between different textures, sounds, rhythmic interludes and building ambience. The sounds are well chosen and constructed, although the composition is a bit fast and feels somewhat fragmented, it's still a very enjoyable listen that has a lot of depth.

Hum of the Druid is up next sticking to his crunchy-as-all-hell noise assault. Deep, dirty, and very oppressive like a totally overblown rusty pipe being forced up your ass. As usual there is an underlying industrial ambience to it all but it is mostly lost underneath the destructive noise. About ½ way through the noise lets up to let some of the excellent ambience bleed through. Metal creaking is hinted at along the edges, as well as distorted crumbling all providing a dirty and unsettling atmosphere. The remainder of the track is more effective with a combination of said ambience and crunchy noise. Though I certainly prefer HoTD's touch on the more atmospheric side of things he is quite effective mixing both his crunchier noise with the drones and concrete sounds to form a very unique atmosphere. Probably the best work I've heard from his thus far.

Two solid artists make this a solid release, along with great artwork drawn up by HoTD and Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni. I love the style and the vision for the split. A must have for fans of either project. Well done.