Review of "Aegri Somnia" from KFJC 89.7 FM

OUT NOW!: New cd "Aegri Somnia" w/Nik Turner of Hawkwind & mastering by Justin Broadrick.

"Aegri Somnia" released via Utech Records on 11/11/11.
The vastness of space is a frightening concept. Sky Burial, with astral navigation from Nik Turner (Hawkwind), leads a cosmogonic caravan through layered passages ohhf sound. The result is Kosmiche Musik for the modern space age. Aegri Somnia apposes delicate melodies with vacuous drones creating a world ghastly and unhinged. In space, no one can hear you dream. Presented in a heavy letterpress sleeve with fold out poster

Review of "Threnody For Collapsing Suns" from the Boston Phoenix

This haunting ambient work by Michael Page's Sky Burial is his most expansive, deliberately constructed record to date. Page, who once produced hot-blooded power electronics under the name Fire in the Head, here demonstrates his fluency in a dramatically different style. Threnody, Sky Burial's ninth record, engages more than 40 years of ambient and industrial, traversing kosmische musik — an offshoot of krautrock characterized by celestial, introspective synth work — as well as the varied, experimental rhythms of early industrial.

Michael Page guest appearance on forthcoming Dead Voices On Air cd "Michael And The Angels Fought"

I am privileged to be a guest musician on the forthcoming Dead Voices On Air cd "Michael and the Angels Fought" to be released by Lens Records in November. The cd can be pre-ordered here:

Samples from the forthcoming cd "Aegri Somnia" featuring Nik Turner of Hawkwind

Samples from the forthcoming Sky Burial cd "Aegri Somnia" featuring Nik Turner of Hawkwind and mastering by Justin Broadrick:

"Within and Without":

"The Synaesthete's Lament":

Artwork for this release is  viewable at

Review of "Threnody For Collapsing Suns" from The One True Dead Angel

"Sonic somnambulist Michael Page returns with one of the more interesting entries in the Sky Burial catalog. The first track, "Return to the Peripheries," opens in typical fashion with glitch noises and dark, swirling drones, and as the lengthy (23:05) piece progresses, the droning layers of sound grow thicker and more harmonically dense, but around the six-minute mark, an astounding thing happens: a throbbing synth line appears, first in a deeply minimalist fashion, with the effect of subtly rising from the fog to become, over time, a major component of the track's sound.

On the Sky Burial horizon

As sometimes happens in the unpredictable world of the record industry, several discs are slated for release in the relatively short span of a few months although having been recorded a couple years apart.

Sky Burial back catalog now available via Lens Records and iTunes

Lens Records has made the first five Sky Burial releases available digitally via their website, Bandcamp and iTunes.

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