Up to date Sky Burial info and discography available at Facebook and Discogs.

Up to date Sky Burial info and discography available at:

New tracks up on Soundcloud.

Two new tracks are up on Soundcloud:
"Vessel (Abstractions)", composition for analog synths (Fender Chroma Polaris, Realistic MG-1, Roland Juno-106). Reworking of older source material: http://soundcloud.com/skyburial23
"Pas the sarvering gallack seas and flaming nebul eye"  featuring guests Stargazer's Assistant and John Balistreri: http://soundcloud.com/skyburial23/pas-the-sarvering-gallack-seas

Sky Burial/Self split 10" out now

Peripheral Records is proud to announce it's 13th release:  SKY BURIAL/SELF split 10".

Sky Burial's side marks a return to the shorter tracks which comprised the first three albums. "Dis Manibus Sacrum", is a haunting piece of industrial ambience from the same sessions as the forthcoming "There I saw The Grey Wolf Gaping" cd.

Self is John Balistreri, better known as US power-electronics cult act 'Slogun'. Here he offers up a slice of the blackest dark-ambience as an antidote to the 'in your face' attitude of Slogun.

Review of Sky Burial's "Transmissions From The Void" from orlandooom.com:

Review of Sky Burial's "Transmissions From The Void" from orlandooom.com:

New track, "Fools Circel 9wys", featuring Danny Hyde

New track, "Fools Circel 9wys", featuring the incomparable Danny Hyde from the forthcoming 2xLP "There I Saw The Grey Wolf Gaping". Thanks so much, Danny!


Sky Burial updates on Facebook

Up to the minute Sky Burial info can be found at www.facebook.com/skyburial23 and www.facebook.com/23skyburial.

Review of "Transmissions From The Void"

Michael Page continues to be a busy guy; this is at least Sky Burial's third release in the past year, and I'm pretty sure at least one more looms on the horizon. In terms of packaging, though, this is one of the band's more elaborate releases; it comes in a clear hard-shell dvd case in a limited run of 200 and includes a set of ten luxurious full-color art cards designed by Atom Black, as well as a one-inch badge.

Review of Sky Burial's "Dream Decimator"

Review of Sky Burial's "Dream Decimator" from Existence Establishment:

Clocking in at 60 minutes Dream Decimator is an epic work with minimal packaging – a very deceiving release indeed. This is perhaps my favorite Sky Burial material to date with very detailed ambient/industrial sound collage and drone. This is where the elements that Page has been working with for years have finally come together perfectly.

New reviews of "Threnody" & "Aegri Somnia

"Threnody" review from Brutal Resonance (http://www.brutalresonance.com/viewreview.php?id=1372):

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